Learning Agreements & Independent Study

How can you let students work at a pace commensurate with their ability? Capitalize on learning ability by inviting movement through the required content at appropriate speed, allowing learners to become "resident experts". Understand how learning agreements can be used to facilitate independent study. Create a valuable tool in differentiation that will help with classroom management as well!

Questioning & Learning Centers

School is a place for learning together. Productive centers involve open-ended inquiry and invite socialization in the context of learning discussions. Discover how to focus the talking your students want do into learning-based exploration and critical thinking. Develop quick and easy questioning strategies to use in your instruction and those to plan a standards-based learning center.

Tiered Instruction

Provide different levels of learning tasks within the same unit. Vary complexity of activities to ensure that all students explore ideas at a level that builds upon what they already know. Successfully blend your assessments and instruction. You will walk away with a new instructional approach to a lesson or unit of your choice that will better meet the learning needs of your students.