Want to make exemplary rubrics in a reasonable amount of time? In this session you will have hands-on practice with
on-line tools that make it easy to create effective rubrics for your project. How do you assess student learning for the
technology component of your unit of study? Plan it right into your rubric! Save your rubrics on line. Make learning
expectations real for your students by using rubrics.

Formative Assessment
Not all formative assessment is created equal! In this session learn the characteristics of strong formative assessment.
Learn strategies that check for understanding to serve student learning throughout your project. Gain the consistent,
substantial effects of student engagement and motivation through effective feedback. Research shows formative
assessment strategies to be the single most effective practice in promoting student learning.

Test Writing
How do you create high-quality questions for tests or quizzes? How do you ensure that your assessments are aligned
with your learning targets? What type of question is most appropriate for the content? Answer these questions and
more in this session. Your project may require quizzes or tests to check for students’ understanding at some point. This
session provides easy guides and examples to assist you in measuring student learning by using quizzes or tests.